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Who we are?


Natura Ekspert Krzysztof Gruszczyk is a company whose founder has been associated with the herbal industry for over 25 years. As a specialist and enthusiast, he follows new trends in herbal development in the country and in the world.

Currently, the company is focused on individualized solutions for the most specific qualitative and quantitative requirements for the pharmaceutical industry based on its own research and development projects.

An important department of Natura Ekspert Krzysztof Gruszczyk is the research and development department. The people cooperating in it are specialists in the field of agronomy, biotechnology, pharmacy and chemical technology. The Research and Development Department also cooperates with scientific institutions in Poland, among others University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the University of Life Sciences in Lublin and Research Departments at European companies. In 2016, the Research and Development Department undergoes an intensive development process by obtaining EU funds under Measure 1.3. (EU Projects).

Natura Expert Sp z o.o. is a company dealing in the turnover of plant material from organic farming from certified growers.


Growing medicinal plants requires many years of experience in the field of agronomy and technical organization

The raw materials sold by Natura Ekspert come from cultivated land owned by own Farms or third parties working under strict control.

The company checks and controls the cultivating processes of suppliers who must meet the requirements of GACP, what allows maintaining the repeatability of raw material with highest quality parameters.

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