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Growing Together

Join us for your one time order or recurring supply chain optimisation. 

The combination of people operating in the industry since 90's formed Natura Expert, uniting us as to form a stable, expert level company in herbal medicinal products and nutrition, offering our partners broader range of natural solutions and accelerating our growth strategy.

Store & Purchase

Analytical qualitative selection, purchasing and warehousing campaigns for organic and conventional herbs, fruits, spices, API, nutraceutical ingredients.

Custom production

We design and optimise for you analytical & research service  entirely in house. Your business and process data is completely secure.

Analytical Service

We perform analytical service for active assay, in accordance to Ph. Eur.

Cultivation service

We own our own cultivation land as well directly cooperate with farmers on basis of GACP principles. We are able to arrange any cultivation in the field or greenhouse. 

Fern Plant

Flexible Finance



Long Payment Dates

The most economical solution  for product & service sourcing.

Mutual engagement, for sustainable long term cooperation.

For approved and assessed partners with a flat rate.

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